VR Viewer for iPad Mini

$ 49.00

VR Viewer quickly and easily converts any iPad mini tablet into a virtual reality 3D entertainment system!  Experience HD resolution and immersive super-wide field-of-view


VR Viewer is precision 3D-printed strong flexible ABS plastic and is a lightweight ~92g.
Made in USA - now available in black frame with black lens holders.

VR Viewer

  • super quick attachment includes easy adjustment for proper centering over a range of 3D content
  • lightweight (92g) yet strong practical design 3D printed in ABS plastic
  • feature huge 50mm short focal length precision hard-coated acrylic aspheric lenses specially manufactured for yay3d
  • extremely wide field of view - up to 90+ degrees
  • HD resolution when coupled with retina display
  • innovative yet simple lens separation adjustment accommodates differing IPD and content sizes
  • specifically designed to fit ALL generations of iPad Mini (and Nexus 7) tablets

VR Viewer is sure to provide hours of immersive entertainment for everyone! Order yours today!!

not all APP store VR/Cardboard apps made for iPhone work properly on the iPad Mini. You should make sure that apps and experiences you're interested in appear properly separated on your Mini's screen before ordering.