Acetone dipping the claws April 29 2014, 2 Comments

I'd been concerned about the gripper claws that VR Viewer uses to hold onto the tablet. 

They can come off the printer as fairly sharp at the edges and even more so because I have a local brim around them to keep them stuck to the print bed.

I discovered all I need to do is dip in acetone for 45 seconds and they become slightly soft. They dry quickly and become nice and smooth.






Experiments with smartphones and iPads April 24 2014, 0 Comments

Check this out -- an experimental variant of VR Viewer. It's been printed in a size that fits a Nexus 5 and features 37mm lenses very similar to those in the Oculus Rift DK1.

It's model needs to be slenderized somewhat but the viewing results are quite exceptional!

And here's one that can slip onto an iPad air held in profile orientation - this works pretty well also



Store is Open! April 23 2014, 1 Comment

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce availability of yay3d's brand new VR Viewer for 2013 Nexus 7 tablets!

VR Viewer is a new 3D printed accessory that has been meticulously designed to quickly and easily convert a small tablet into a virtual reality viewer. It is the result of 8 months of intensive re-design that has seen dozens of iterations.

VR Viewer features: 

  • super quick attachment includes easy adjustment for proper centering over a range of 3D content
  • a lightweight (84gyet strong practical design 3D printed in ABS plastic
  • huge 50mm short focal length precision hard-coated acrylic aspheric lenses specially manufactured for yay3d
  • extremely wide field of view - up to 90+ degrees
  • HD resolution when coupled with 2013 Nexus 7 tablets
  • ability to attach to 2012 Nexus 7 and iPad mini tablets also
  • adaptable design - iPad (portrait mode) and Kindle versions coming
  • innovative yet simple lens separation adjustment accommodates differing IPD and content sizes
  • enjoy dozens of Oculus Rift videos on YouTube; loads of Play store VR-based games for android devices
  • color and styling variations coming

We hope you'll enjoy receiving your own VR Viewer! Get an early start in immersing yourself in the coming future of Virtual Reality!


-Scott / yay3d

First Post February 24 2014, 1 Comment

Trial store is opened for the first time.