Google Cardboard API and VR Viewer December 26 2014, 2 Comments

Google recently released a Cardboard API for Android VR apps. Included is a great new capability to configure Cardboard app rendering for different viewer screen and lens sizes . The configuration is changed via a QR code that manufacturers provide with their product. By default, Cardboard apps are configured for a 5in smartphone with 25mm lenses.

At the present time, however, Google has not yet released the tools which would allow for non-default Cardboard configurations. Until this happens, Cardboard API-based apps will not properly fill your Nexus 7 screen. Note that this affects only a small number of apps. Most VR apps and content will display perfectly.

• If you’re creating a viewer with unique optical and input parameters:
- (Coming Soon) We’ll be releasing a custom QR & NFC encoding
method for manufacturers to embed the parameters of the viewer
directly into a QR code or NFC tag.

Please visit soon when we will providing a QR code for your VR Viewer once Google releases its tools, which should ultimately result in much better rendering for this device.

HMD attachment progress June 18 2014, 3 Comments

I really have been working on an HMD attachment for VR Viewer - there have been lots of iterations! 


I am converging on a open-air design that straddles a VR Viewer providing necessary vertical stability in order to prevent dropping the tablet.

The current piece weighs 24g, so that means total weight is up to:

290g (Nexus 7) + 85g (VR Viewer) + 24g (HMD attachment) = 399g, (DK1 Rift is 379; DK2 is 440g)
Head-strap or band will add more weight, of course

Next up, I need to:

  • Continue to iterate and the design, reducing weight further if possible
  • Figure out how to strap this to a 'noggin
  • Deal with weight distribution issues

More news on continued progress soon!

Lenses Delivered - Finally! June 14 2014, 3 Comments

Have been waiting for this shipment for a couple of weeks! YAY! -- VR Viewer is no longer on backorder!