YAY3D VR Viewer reviewed at VirtualRealityReviewer June 03 2014, 1 Comment

Virtual Reality Reviewer takes a look at Yay3D's VR Viewer

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eVRdayVR reviews: yay3d + Nexus 7 - Dive City Rollercoaster May 16 2014, 1 Comment

D at eVRdayVR has produced a most excellent look at VR Viewer and DiveCityCoaster, a cool android VR app you can enjoy on your Nexus 7.

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EnterVR and I talk about yay3d and VR Viewer May 16 2014, 1 Comment

I get to talk with Cris Miranda at EnterVR about yay3d and VR VIewer for tablets and the future of VR in general.

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Video review by Reverend Kyle at Road to VR May 02 2014, 1 Comment

The good Reverend Kyle over at has published a video review of VR Viewer!

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