HMD attachment progress June 18 2014, 3 Comments

I really have been working on an HMD attachment for VR Viewer - there have been lots of iterations! 


I am converging on a open-air design that straddles a VR Viewer providing necessary vertical stability in order to prevent dropping the tablet.

The current piece weighs 24g, so that means total weight is up to:

290g (Nexus 7) + 85g (VR Viewer) + 24g (HMD attachment) = 399g, (DK1 Rift is 379; DK2 is 440g)
Head-strap or band will add more weight, of course

Next up, I need to:

  • Continue to iterate and the design, reducing weight further if possible
  • Figure out how to strap this to a 'noggin
  • Deal with weight distribution issues

More news on continued progress soon!

Acetone dipping the claws April 29 2014, 2 Comments

I'd been concerned about the gripper claws that VR Viewer uses to hold onto the tablet. 

They can come off the printer as fairly sharp at the edges and even more so because I have a local brim around them to keep them stuck to the print bed.

I discovered all I need to do is dip in acetone for 45 seconds and they become slightly soft. They dry quickly and become nice and smooth.