Store is Open! April 23 2014, 1 Comment

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce availability of yay3d's brand new VR Viewer for 2013 Nexus 7 tablets!

VR Viewer is a new 3D printed accessory that has been meticulously designed to quickly and easily convert a small tablet into a virtual reality viewer. It is the result of 8 months of intensive re-design that has seen dozens of iterations.

VR Viewer features: 

  • super quick attachment includes easy adjustment for proper centering over a range of 3D content
  • a lightweight (84gyet strong practical design 3D printed in ABS plastic
  • huge 50mm short focal length precision hard-coated acrylic aspheric lenses specially manufactured for yay3d
  • extremely wide field of view - up to 90+ degrees
  • HD resolution when coupled with 2013 Nexus 7 tablets
  • ability to attach to 2012 Nexus 7 and iPad mini tablets also
  • adaptable design - iPad (portrait mode) and Kindle versions coming
  • innovative yet simple lens separation adjustment accommodates differing IPD and content sizes
  • enjoy dozens of Oculus Rift videos on YouTube; loads of Play store VR-based games for android devices
  • color and styling variations coming

We hope you'll enjoy receiving your own VR Viewer! Get an early start in immersing yourself in the coming future of Virtual Reality!


-Scott / yay3d