VR Viewer for Nexus 6 October 31 2015, 1 Comment

Coming soon ! - VR Viewer for Nexus 6

Hands Free Headgear May 26 2015, 1 Comment


Neal Nelson over at is making a very cool head mount that fits around yay3d's VR Viewer.

I was lucky to score some samples and after adjustment found the adapter to be rather comfortable to use. Being head-mounted instead of face-mounted can be an advantage with a heavier tablet such as the Nexus 7.

There are models that fit other viewers too so definitely check them out!

QR Code for VR Viewer for Nexus 7 April 17 2015, 4 Comments

Finally we have a configuration QR code for configuring Google Cardboard apps! Aim your tablet here:

Google Cardboard API and VR Viewer December 26 2014, 2 Comments

Google recently released a Cardboard API for Android VR apps. Included is a great new capability to configure Cardboard app rendering for different viewer screen and lens sizes . The configuration is changed via a QR code that manufacturers provide with their product. By default, Cardboard apps are configured for a 5in smartphone with 25mm lenses.

At the present time, however, Google has not yet released the tools which would allow for non-default Cardboard configurations. Until this happens, Cardboard API-based apps will not properly fill your Nexus 7 screen. Note that this affects only a small number of apps. Most VR apps and content will display perfectly.

• If you’re creating a viewer with unique optical and input parameters:
- (Coming Soon) We’ll be releasing a custom QR & NFC encoding
method for manufacturers to embed the parameters of the viewer
directly into a QR code or NFC tag.

Please visit soon when we will providing a QR code for your VR Viewer once Google releases its tools, which should ultimately result in much better rendering for this device.

HMD attachment progress June 18 2014, 3 Comments

I really have been working on an HMD attachment for VR Viewer - there have been lots of iterations! 


I am converging on a open-air design that straddles a VR Viewer providing necessary vertical stability in order to prevent dropping the tablet.

The current piece weighs 24g, so that means total weight is up to:

290g (Nexus 7) + 85g (VR Viewer) + 24g (HMD attachment) = 399g, (DK1 Rift is 379; DK2 is 440g)
Head-strap or band will add more weight, of course

Next up, I need to:

  • Continue to iterate and the design, reducing weight further if possible
  • Figure out how to strap this to a 'noggin
  • Deal with weight distribution issues

More news on continued progress soon!

Lenses Delivered - Finally! June 14 2014, 3 Comments

Have been waiting for this shipment for a couple of weeks! YAY! -- VR Viewer is no longer on backorder!


YAY3D VR Viewer reviewed at VirtualRealityReviewer June 03 2014, 1 Comment

Virtual Reality Reviewer takes a look at Yay3D's VR Viewer

See it at VirtualRealityReviewer and here:

eVRdayVR reviews: yay3d + Nexus 7 - Dive City Rollercoaster May 16 2014, 1 Comment

D at eVRdayVR has produced a most excellent look at VR Viewer and DiveCityCoaster, a cool android VR app you can enjoy on your Nexus 7.

Check it out on eVRydayVR's channel at Youtube and right here!

EnterVR and I talk about yay3d and VR Viewer May 16 2014, 1 Comment

I get to talk with Cris Miranda at EnterVR about yay3d and VR VIewer for tablets and the future of VR in general.

Check it out at EnterVR and right here!

Video review by Reverend Kyle at Road to VR May 02 2014, 1 Comment

The good Reverend Kyle over at has published a video review of VR Viewer!

Check it out at Road to VR and right here!